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Turf Enhancement Engineers

At Greenleaf Lawn we only believe in the best! This is why we provide every customer with fully certified spray technicians right here in Tulsa. They are certified by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture and are equipped with the proper licenses to bring you the best in Tulsa weed control.

With this knowledge, all of our customers have the confidence that Greenleaf Lawn is the right choice for their lawn care service and Tulsa weed control provider.  All our lawn care trucks are easily identified with the Greenleaf Logo and license numbers.

As Turf Enhancement Engineers, we are more than equipped with the right chemicals and our team is always wearing the proper attire to comply with all state regulations. We use the top of the line spreaders and sprayers to guarantee even applications to leave your yard green and weed free! You can count of Greenleaf Lawn to get the job done right. Call for more information on Tulsa weed control services at 918-640-6405.