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Pool Cleaning Service

Weekly Pool Service And Repair

Pool Cleaning Tulsa

Greenleaf is the only full-service lawn maintenance company in the Tulsa area to include weekly pool service and repair. Your inground pool can be maintained by our team of highly trained and trusted Greenleaf technicians. With over 25 years of experience in pool service, Greenleaf knows what it takes to keep your pool in prime condition. From skimming leaves to replacing a heater, Greenleaf does it all. We do our best to keep your costs low by never overcharging for chemicals. We maintain a balanced water chemistry to work alongside your automatic cleaner system, keeping chemical additives to a minimum. Allow us to do the work so that you can spend more time enjoying your backyard oasis.

While on site we will provide these services:

• Empty Skimmers
• Empty Pump Pot Baskets
• Empty or Clean Automatic Cleaner
• Brush Pool (including steps and swim-outs)
• Skim Surface Debris
• Check Filter Pressure (backwashing as necessary)
• Inspect Equipment
• Inspect Salt Cell (cleaning as necessary)
• Test and Treat Water

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** For our clients receiving weekly lawn maintenance, pool services are scheduled for the day following lawn service (weather permitting). This ensures that any grass clippings, debris, or fertilizers will be cleaned out of the pool as urgently as possible for the best results.