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Servicing All of Your Holiday Needs Right Here in Your Hometown

Servicing All of Your Holiday Needs Right Here in Your Hometown

Green Leaf is first and foremost a lawn care service provider and landscaping service provider in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. However we do specialize in providing Tulsa Christmas Lights once those winter months roll around, and the people of Tulsa want their homes to look more beautiful than ever before. We started this service because we are experts in this craft and we devote time to making sure that the homes of Tulsa look beautiful year-round. So if you’re looking for expert Tulsa Christmas Lights and would like to work with the best in the area, please give us a call today and let us get the ball rolling on all of your Christmas lights needs. Our name is Green Leaf Lawn, and we are owned and operated by Jamie Nix and Josh Mathias. They are local boys who would love to speak with you about servicing your lawn and your Christmas lights needs. Please give us a call at 918-640-6405 where we can give you all the information about our company and what kind of services we offer. We also have a website, www.greenleafweedcontrol.com, or you can view all of the services we offer as well and figure out exactly how your lawn and home are going to look great year-round.

When the summer months roll around it’s important to know the difference between choosing whether to side or seed your landscape. But as with any decision, you should be definitely well informed as to the benefits of each choice. Sod is a popular choice because of its convenience; however, there are other aspects to consider when choosing the turf for your home in Tulsa. By calling the experts at Green Leaf we can give you more information about which choice will be appropriate for your home’s plan of action. Sod can be much more expensive than seeding because much of the work to perfect the grass has Artie been established. Side is grown a professional sod farms where a Tulsa lawn care specialist has taken seeding cultivated it almost perfect before they even have to roll it out onto your landscape. Once the site is ready, you will have an expert from Green Leaf come out and make sure that it is placed accurately on your lawn and the roots are able to take root and continue to grow.

If you’re still not sure which is the best decision for your lawn, contact the experts at Green Leaf and we will walk you through the whole process. We know that no two lawns are the same in we want yours to be more beautiful than ever before. Schedule a free consultation today and let’s get the ball rolling on your amazing new landscape right here in the city of Tulsa.

Our customers love choosing us for lawn services because every time we start a new project we donate five dollars to a school district of the customers choice. It’s a great way for us to stay responsible and give back to the community all of beautifying the city of Tulsa.

Installing Christmas Lights in the Winter and Pulling Weeds in the Summer

Green Leaf has all the Tulsa Christmas Lights installation processes that you need to make your home look incredible. Meet Jamie Nix and Josh Mathias, the founders of Green Leaf and experts when it comes to Tulsa Christmas Lights and so much more. We are specialists when it comes to lawn services and we look forward to taking care of all of your needs throughout the year. No matter what season it is we promise to offer ultimate service for your home and lawn to look incredible. We are devoted to our craft and providing the people of Tulsa expert lawn care. Give us a call today please at 918-640-6405 for more information on our company and how we can provide you that services.

If there’s anything more annoying than weeds sprouting up throughout your Tulsa lawn, it’s pulling each one of those weeds individually. It might even seem like the old wives tale pulling gray-haired applies to weeds: pull one weed and to more grow back. But this time of year it’s important to get your weeds under control with the right treatments. We might just be able to help you decrease the output of weeds on your lawn this following season. Green Leaf lawn protects the people of Tulsa from weeds sprouting up around the year. We are lawn care specialists that advise you that if your Tulsa lawn is comprised of 50% or more weeds, it’s time for a do over. We can do siding and seating as well to make sure that your lawn looks incredible for the following year. For optimal we prevention, contact the experts at Green Leaf today and we will take care of the weeding in the spring and fall when they are at their weakest point. During spring all plants are geared and Ray to grow, even weeds. The roots are trying to pump as much energy into the leaves as possible, which is where you need to take them out, thus eliminating the energy supply and ensuring they don’t have a chance to spread their seeds around and infect your lawn any further.

If you’re weed problem is starting to rear its ugly head during the summer months, Green Leaf technicians recommend weeding throughout the summer season, but get ready for a big battle in the fall. By treating germinated seeds, you’re going to be able to get the weeds before they’ve even sprouted. If you’re lucky enough to jump on the weeds in the spring, I fall they will still be trying to recover from the damage and will likely die off during the cold winter months. We can do all of your weed eating for you and take care of all of the services right here in your hometown of Tulsa. Please give us a call today and we will give you access to our wide variety of services to make sure that your lawn is the best it can be throughout the year no matter what season it is.