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We are a Tulsa Based Company

We are a Tulsa Based Company

No matter what time of year we do everything from weed control and fertilization, flower bed maintenance, lawn maintenance, hedge trimming in shaping, leaf removal, sod installation, small tree removal and planting, small shrub removal and planting, spring cleanup, and fertilizing. No matter what time of year it is we have the services you need to keep your driveway, your lawn, and your home looking better than ever before. Jamie Nix and Josh Mathias started this company because they wanted to develop their craft to providing a wide variety of services to the people of Tulsa. Whether it be lawn care in the summer and spring months, or Tulsa Christmas Lights services in winter, Green Leaf Lawn is here to take care of you.

Be the envy of the neighborhood by giving us a call today. Our numbers 918-640-6405, and we will be out there to give you a free lighting consultation customized for your home or business’s needs as soon as we get the call. Our technicians are from Tulsa and we are familiar with all of the neighborhood lighting trends where you live. Don’t let the holiday spirit and leaking this year and let us help you get something truly special for the holidays. Don’t hesitate and set up your appointment to have your Tulsa Christmas Lights taking care of by Green Leaf Lawn. When you’re needing Tulsa Christmas Lights, the experts are just a phone call away. We understand the wonder and excitement that can be brought about when Tulsa Christmas Lights are done properly. We strive to always exceed your expectations and honor the spirit of Christmas by giving you and your family and magnificent light display that will be talked about for years to come.

At Green Leaf Lawn the our passion for work and we have a passion for children. Because of this we have decided that each new service we provide for our customers will allow us to donate five dollars to the school district of our customers choice in the Tulsa area. This is our way of keeping our city beautiful and also helping the children of Tulsa grow up in a place where they can have amazing education that enriches their lives. Our company is very responsible we believe in giving back to the community in which we are planted. That’s why we set up a program called “Cutting for the Kids” and it has been a huge success ever since we first started it.

We do leaf cleanups and lawn and landscape beds cleanups in the off seasons as well as taking care of the mowing in the summer. Seasonal flowers and mulch, gutter cleaning, holiday lighting, and even snow shoveling our services that you can truly take advantage of during the colder months of the year with Green Leaf Lawn on your side. We can’t wait to hear from you and get the ball rolling on your customized plan of action to make sure your home is the envy of the neighborhood the matter what time of year it is.

Are You Interested in a Successful Holiday Season

If you’re dreading the time of year when it time to climb up in the attic and drag down all of the Tulsa Christmas Lights that you put up last year, you’re not alone. It takes all day to straighten them out and only then do you have to climb up the ladder in the freezing cold and installed lights for yourself. This is zero fun and it only is going to cost you frustration, time, money, and it just all winds up looking sub par. It’s time to call the experts at Green Leaf Lawn if you are interested in a successful Tulsa Christmas lights display. Don’t risk your health this holiday season by putting yourself in danger during the cold winter months, instead call the Tulsa Christmas Lights experts at Green Leaf Lawn to install your lights for you. The risk is not worth doing it yourself and it’s easier than ever to have us come out and take care of all of your holiday decorating needs.

Call us today at 918-640-6405 or feel free to visit us online at www.greenleafweedcontrol.com. If you’d like more information about how we can come to your house and install your Tulsa Christmas Lights in an affordable manner, it’s easier than ever to get us on your side. Everything that we do this professionally installed and it comes with a custom, tailored fit approach to your individual houses needs. You can customize our Tulsa Christmas Lights displays exactly how you want and we will do it with a smile on our faces and the joy of the holidays in our hearts.

Our goal is to get you the highest quality products at competitive prices. This means that we will give you years of enjoyment with some of the lowest cost maintenance you’re going to find anywhere in the Tulsa area. We are masters at our industry and we have tested all of the top brands when it comes to Tulsa Christmas lights and holiday light products. We know what works and we know is going to look good on your house. We’ve done our research and we have skilled ourselves in the art of hanging Tulsa Christmas Lights so that you can simply sit back and relax and enjoy your holiday season with a beautiful home. Your neighbors are sure to be jealous of our expertise in your home a look better than ever before this holiday season.

We are more than just Tulsa Christmas Lights. We also offer a wide variety of different lawncare and seasonal attributes for your entire home. The company was started by Jamie Nix and Josh Mathias, who are two individuals in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area that are devoted to their craft and providing the people of Tulsa with some of the very best when it comes to lawn service. We have been in the industry since 1998 and we have been acquiring skills to make some of the best Turf Enhancement Engineers you’re going to find anywhere.

Both of our owners are certified by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture and we are equipped in the proper licenses to bring you the very best Tulsa weed control. No matter what time of year it is you can get expert care when it comes to your Tulsa Christmas Lights and Tulsa lawncare needs. We do all of the weed control and so much more that your lawn needs to look more beautiful than ever.