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We Bring the Ladders and Lights To Your Home

We Bring the Ladders and Lights To Your Home

This Content Was Written by the Tulsa Holiday Lights Experts at Green Leaf Lawn Service

Whatever holiday you celebrate this winter, there will still be a huge, glorious amount of colored lights hanging off of everyone and everything for at least another month. Every street you drive down, there will be lights on bushes, lights on houses, lights on trees, and probably at least three giant blow-up snow globes that aren’t that impressive. If you’d like to ditch your neighbors small-time displays and see some large amounts of professionally installed Tulsa Holiday Lights, it’s time to call the experts at Green Leaf Lawn today. We are the premier Tulsa Holiday Lights installers during the holiday season in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Call us today at 918-640-6405 or visit us online on our incredible website, www.greenleafweedcontrol.com.

Installation, Maintenance, Removal
Our price includes installation, maintenance, removal and storage of your display. If for any reason the display stops working properly we will come out and fix it at no additional cost.

L.E.D. lights
Some people think that L.E.D. lights will have a cold or blue hue to them. This is not the case. Our L.E.D. lights are a soft color and look like traditional light bulbs. You can choose any color, or color combination due to the fact that each bulb is customized to your home.

We customize every home, from the roof lines to trees, bushes, garland and wreaths. We work with each home owner to design a display that works best for your home or business.

Cords and Timers
We set up timers so your display turns on and off each night without any maintenance to the home owner.

Every bulb has its own clip that hangs onto your gutters or your shingles. There are no screws or staples involved with fastening the lights to your home.

We set up dates for the installation and removal that do not require you to be home when the work is being done.

We remove the lights and store them in our climate controlled facility. This means that you do not have to worry about finding a place to store them, and that they stay in good condition year after year.

Leave the Hassle of the Holidays to the Experts

This Content Was Written by the Tulsa Holiday Lights Experts at Green Leaf Lawn Service

The Holidays are a time to rest. Green Leaf can take the weight of exterior decorations and lighting off of you weary shoulders. We do this so you can be confident that your home or business will be the envy of the neighborhood. Tulsa Holiday lights enhance the season for everyone, so knowing that you can rely on the performance of every bulb is important! That is why we use only the latest and best products so your home shine throughout the season. Every detail of installation is important to us, from our first visit until the takedown in January. Let us take the hassle out of the holidays while you enjoy the magic of your beautiful new Tulsa Holiday Lights provided by Green Leaf Lawn Service. Our numbers 918-640-6405, and we look forward to speaking with you today about your amazing new holiday lights needs.

The end result will leave your breathless. Our team always pays attention to every single detail when it comes to your home. Straight lines, bold colors, full greenery, and no obstructive wires and extension cords can be expected whenever you use Green Leaf Lawn. Let us design and estimate your holiday lighting project by using our expertise when it comes to these matters. When you like the look of your home or business dressed in lights, we will provide you with a competitive price that includes all of the products, equipment, and labor to get your lights installed and removed by our professional installation and takedown crew. Call for a free estimate today at 918-640-6405. You can also visit our website, www.greenleafweedcontrol.com, for more information on our company and how we service the people of Tulsa.

Let our crew trained professional installers work on the ladders to make your installation come together down to the very last detail. You will be absolutely surprised at how easy we can make things look great. There’s no need to worry and we will show you how the lights work so everything is perfect and ready for when you’re planning that party or ready to sing those Christmas carols. When the holiday lights have passed, our crew comes back to takedown, organize, and store your lights in a safe place ready for the next year’s enjoyment.

Green Leaf Lawn has been involved in commercial maintenance for many years and some of our clients include Outback Steakhouse and Mathis Brothers Furniture. Our maintenance crews go above and beyond to make sure that your commercial properties look professional and well kept. We also do residential jobs and no job is too small for our maintenance crews. Whether it’s weekly mowing or planting flowers in your yard, we can make your backyard look truly great year-round. Give us a call today or visit our website, www.greenleafweedcontrol.com, for more information about our company and what we can do for your home and business.