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Year-Round Maintenance for Your Home and Lawn

Year-Round Maintenance for Your Home and Lawn fromĀ GreenLeaf Lawn Service

Put us to the test today by giving us a call for all of your Tulsa Holiday Lights needs. Green Leaf Lawn Service is committed to providing expert lawncare and home decor year round to the people of Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have become experts in our craft and have over 10 years of experience when it comes to Tulsa holiday Lights and all other Tulsa lawncare services year-round. It’s time to meet Jamie Nix and Josh Mathias, the founders of Greenleaf and the experts behind all of the lawncare services. They are devoted to their craft and work hard to become experts on a daily basis. They are also devoted to the people of Tulsa and providing competitive, affordable, and expert lawncare in Tulsa holiday Lights to all the people of this fine city. Give us a call today at 918-640-6405 for more information on our company, and you can also visit our website, www.greenleafweedcontrol.com, for more information on our company.

Of course we can take care of your Tulsa holiday Lights in the winter, and we would love to take care of all of your lawn care needs in the summer. We offer a wide range of fertilization services and irate started about $35. The choice between liquid and dry fertilizers may depend on what type of goals you have set to achieve each season. If you have a persistent weed problem, then liquid fertilizer may be the way to go. Some fertilization treatments include pre-and post-emergent weed control and when they come in liquid form, they are absorbed more quickly, producing faster results. Lawn care specialists around the country also suggest that liquid fertilization treatments are better for the environment because the fertilizer does not spread around all of your landscape much like granular fertilizer treatments can do. We will go over all of the specifics with you when you call the experts at Green Leaf. We know that no two Tulsa lawns are exactly the same and we look forward to figuring out the appropriate plan of action to get yours the very best treatment that it needs year-round.

We offer a wide variety of services that includes everything from lawn mowing in the summer to snowplowing in the winter. We can truly be your year-round source for beautification when it comes to your home, long, and general landscape. Our gutter cleaning services will keep your dreams functioning in the fall months when the leaves are falling onto the lawn and onto the roof. Trust the experts at Green Leaf and we promise to exceed your expectations.

Another thing that sets our company apart is our commitment to getting back to the community. We have a wide range of community efforts in place including “Cutting for the Kids”. This is a program we set up which allows us to donate five dollars to the school district of our customers choice every time we do a new lawn service for them. It’s a great way to keep the city of Tulsa looking beautiful all while investing in the future by supporting the children of today.

Deck the Halls This Holiday Season

Holiday lights can be installed in a variety of ways, and the experts at Green Leaf want to walk you through the entire process to make your home more beautiful than ever this holiday season with expert Tulsa holiday Lights installation. Holiday lights can be installed on trees and shrubs to add a spectacular shimmering effect to your lawn. It can complement angles and straight ways of a roof lining, and garlands and reads and bows can be used around doorways, columns, and arches for a festive daytime look as well. People love getting in the holiday spirit and we love helping people. Most installations can be done without nails or Staples these days and we always try and use noninvasive fasteners that protect your home and display lights with stress perfection. We offer some of the finest lighting and decorating products in the world. Your entire family can enjoy the spectacular beauty of your professionally installed lights displays as soon as you give us a call at 918-640-6405.

Green Leaf involve ourselves in services like weed control and fertilization, weekly lawn maintenance, flower bed maintenance, hedge trimming in shaping, leaf removal, sod installation, small shrub removal and planting, small tree removal and planting, spring cleanup since scalping, fertilizing rates, as well as seasonal work such as seasonal flowers and mulch, gutter cleaning, leaf cleanup from lawns and landscape beds, trimming back perennial plants, and of course holiday lighting.

Whenever you choose Green Leaf, you’re going to save money and time has we focus on doing things the right way. We take away the headache and give you back the time to enjoy your life. One of our prides is having a very routine schedule so there is never any question on when your lawn will be manicured. Our services include full lawn maintenance and Tulsa weed control. We were quickly and make sure that we always exceed your expectations when it comes to a time limit. We know that you have a busy life and you have a lot you need to get to, let us get and get out and make your lawn and home more beautiful than ever before with our amazing services.

We feel one of the most important things a successful company can do is give back to the community. That’s why we donate five dollars to the school district of your choice every time we get hired to do a new job in the Tulsa area. We are a responsible company that believes that the children of today are the future of tomorrow. This program we set up is called “Cutting for the Kids” and it is a great way for us to help out the young people in our community. We believe that education is an important part of every adolescent’s life, and that’s why we set up this donation process. Support us today and you too can give back to the young people in our community.