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Tulsa Weed Control Is Our Specialty

Tulsa Weed Control Is Our Specialty

This Content Was Written by Greenleaf Tulsa Lawn Care

Do you know what you get when you cross two great friends raised in Oklahoma who have an amazing passion for helping people make their lawns as beautiful as possible? You get Greenleaf Lawn Care based right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Greenleaf is the leading lawn maintenance company and Tulsa weed control company around. Their passion is to serve clients is their top priority and their current clients have chosen them because that is something that is lacking in the industry. They are able to take care of your lawn all year long without costing you an arm and a leg to do it. They can get started if you give them a call at 918-640-6405.

Greenleaf’s team members are second to none in the Tulsa weed control business. Each member is fully certified spray technicians and each have received there certification from the Oklahoma Department of agriculture. Our turf enhancement engineers are more than equipped with the right chemicals and they are always wearing the proper attire that complies with all of the state regulations. We also only use the top-of-the-line spreaders and sprayers so we can always guarantee every application will leave your yard green and weed free.

Greenleaf is a company that is all about exceptional service and we are very good at what we do. When we arrive at your location, we put our best foot forward before every lawn we work on. We are very economical at how we cut lawns and that doesn’t mean we cut corners but we are just very good at what we do and very fast. This gives you more time to enjoy your lawn and not be bothered with us being in your way all day long. We also offer 24 hour customer service. You can give us a call anytime 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Our owners Jamie Nix and Josh Mathias have such a passion for the area that they want nothing more than to see the Tulsa area prosper, especially the school. They have already started to help the schools in the area by starting a program called “cut for the kids”. This is a program they have put together will donate five dollars for every new client they gain to the school system of your choice. Their goal is to raise $100,000 to help the Tulsa area schools to fill needs. We all know that schools don’t get the money from the government that they deserve so we wanted to find a way to help them out and supplement for things they need.

Greenleaf isn’t just the best in the area at Tulsa weed control we are also the best in many other areas as well. Some of those areas that we specifically offer services in and excel at are Spring cleanup and scalping of your lawn, small shrub removal and planting, lawn fertilization, small tree removal and planting, leaf removal, sod installation, page trimming and shaping, flower bed maintenance, weekly lawn maintenance and many other services that will make your lawn looks amazing all year long. We at Greenleaf only expect the best from our employees and that is all they should give to you as well.

Who Is Looking For The Best Tulsa Weed Control In The State? Well You Found Us

This Content Was Written by Greenleaf Tulsa Lawn Care

So you are looking for the best Tulsa weed control in the state? Well, you found us! We are Greenleaf Lawn Care and we are here to give you amazing looking grass that you didn’t think was possible for your lawn. We are not like your typical lawn care service because we are staffed with highly trained turf enhancement engineers that far exceed the knowledge of other lawn care services. Our specialists will provide you the very best in customer service every time that they come to your house. For one of our specialists to stop on by give us a call at 918-640-6405.

Our turf enhancement engineers are fully certified by the Oklahoma Department of agriculture and they are well-equipped with the proper licenses and tools that are needed to give you the best Tulsa weed control possible. With all this knowledge that our engineers have we are confident that they will always be able to answer your questions the best way possible. You can always identify our lawn care trucks because they are the ones with the Greenleaf logo and license numbers. They will also come to your front door and the correct tire that will comply with all of the state regulations that need to be followed.

We only used the top of the line sprayers and spreaders so there is an even application guaranteed for your Tulsa weed control. We want to leave your yard extremely green and weed free. You can tell at us to get the job done right the first time. Greenleaf is so dedicated to giving you exceptional service on the phone and in-person. We are available 24 hours a day seven days a week for you to call us with any question that you may think of the matter what the time. We will not run out the door right when the clock strikes five because we are so anxious to get out of work and ignore your messages for multiple days. We are always available to talk you won’t have to wait for a call back from us the matter what the time.

We also specialize in great holiday lighting for your house and yard. Being a man one of the most tedious things that I hate doing is putting up Christmas lights. That is because I take them out of the bin that they have been sitting in for the last year than try to untangle them and test them only to find out that half of them are not working. This means want to things, one I have to go out and buy new strands of lights or two I need to try every single bulb on the strand to see which one is causing them all much work. Then there is also the difficult part of finding a day that is perfect for hanging them.

Most days it’ll either be too hot or too cold or too rainy or too cloudy, etc. This means you need to be lucky enough to have that perfect day land on the day that you have the time to put them up. In steps in Greenleaf Lawn Care. They will come in and help you design the perfect lighting setup that works for your house. They will then install all of your strands of lights making sure the each one of them work. After the holiday season is done they will even come back and remove them for you and even keep them in their own storage. This is absolute perfect for all busy people out there because when you add up all the time it takes you to put lights up it adds up to a lot.