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Tulsa Weed Control You Can Count On

Tulsa Weed Control You Can Count On

This Content Was Written by Greenleaf Tulsa Lawn Care

I’m excited to be a part of the most amazing company in Oklahoma. I of course mean Greenleaf Lawn Care based right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Right from the beginning stages owners Jamie Nix and Josh Matthias set out to make a difference in their community through offering the best product at an affordable price and making impact on local school system. Josh and Jamie are great friends and wanted to make Tulsa a better place. Both of them have families in the area and Josh has one child and one on the way while Jamie is getting ready to get married to start his own family. By giving us a call at 918-640-6405 we would be delighted if you would let our families help out your family.

One of the ways that Jamie Nix and Josh Matthias want to improve the Tulsa area schools is with a program that they have developed called “Cuts for the Kids”. With this amazing program that they have started with every new person who decides to sign up with Greenleaf Lawn Care they will donate five dollars to the school system of your choice. Their goal is to raise $100,000 for the school systems in the area. They know that their children will be attending the local schools and want to help them prosper right now.

Here at Greenleaf Lawn Care we aren’t just of the best Tulsa weed control company in the area we also offer many other services. We offer lawn fertilization, sod installation, tree and shrub removal and planting, spring cleanups and scoping and even flower bed maintenance, just to name a few. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day seven days a week and you can call us to get estimates or if you would like to see our references of the companies that we have helped we would be happy and you show you those as well. We even have fertilizing rates starting at only $35 per application. You’ll be amazed at how your lawn looks after we start spending time on it.

Our crew doesn’t slow down at any time during the year. While we are not doing the Tulsa weed control we also offer seasonal help such as gutter cleaning, seasonal flowers and mulch, trimming back perennial plants, the aerating and over seeding, leaf cleanups from lawns and landscape beds and so many more things that we don’t have time to list them. We also do a great job at our snow and ice removal during the winter. No matter what time of the day we are available to get a hold of 24 hours a day, seven days a week to contact us about removing snow from your home or your business. We also have plowed trucks available.

Also at Greenleaf Lawn Care we don’t hire just anybody to work on your lawns we hire the best Tulsa weed control specialists. We call them turf enhancement engineers. This means that they are certified by the Oklahoma Department of agriculture and are highly equipped with the proper tools and licenses to get the job done in a Safeway. We deftly are right choice for your home or business and we thank you so much for you trusting in us to give you wonderful service. We also keep up with all of the state regulations so we are in compliance.

Stop Weeds In Their Tracks With Tulsa Weed Control

This Content Was Written by Greenleaf Tulsa Lawn Care

Tulsa-based company Greenleaf Lawn Care has stepped up and is helping school systems around the Tulsa area. Greenleaf owners Jamie Nix and Josh Mathias have started a fund within their company called “Cut for the Kids”. With a system they have put in place with every new service that they provide a customer they will donate five dollars to your school district of your choosing. This means that you can help out the schools in the area while also getting lawn care provided by the best Tulsa weed control company in the state. To get started all you need to do is give us a call at 918-640-6405.

The founders who I mentioned before, Jamie Nix and Josh Mathias have grown up in the area and want to get back to the community. Years ago they decided to come together and create a lawn care company that offers the best service at a very competitive price. Because of that they have gained many, many residential customers and also business customers such as Mathis Brothers, outback steakhouse and many other leading companies in the area. They are starting to grow their own families here so they would love to grow their business family here as well. They plan to be giving back to the community for a long, long time.

Greenleaf Lawn Care isn’t just about Tulsa weed control because we offer so many services that it would amaze you. We offer anything from fertilization rates starting at $35, installation of your sod, removing and planting small trees and shrubs, spring cleanups and scalping of lawns hedge trimming and shaping and so many other services. Our president, Josh has also been referred to in the surrounding areas as the “fastest weed Wacker in the South”. The best thing is that being fast and efficient doesn’t ever mean that we do less of a quality for you it just means that we give the best quality while taking up the least amount of your time.

We don’t just send anybody to your house to work on your lawn. All of our employees are turf enhancement engineers and are certified by the Oklahoma Department of agriculture right here in Tulsa. All of them come to your house equipped with the correct licenses so they understand what they are dealing with and how to take care of your lawn in the best way. We truly are the best Tulsa weed control in the area. Our name is very important to us and will always give you the best service that you could imagine.

During the winter we also offer other things that you may not expect from lawn companies. We also offer the best holiday light hanging in the area. We understand that nobody likes to climb up a tall ladder and hang from the roof while trying to attach little light bulbs on the gutters. Most people do not have the correct tools to get the job done efficiently and safely. We are also experts at this and will be able to give you advice that will make your home look amazing and will also install your lights and take them down after the season and we can even store them for you.