Mosquito Program

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Mosquito control is a constant problem in Mosquito season, but the recent outbreak of Zika Virus has made mosquito control even more essential. As the mosquito season approaches in the Spring and Summer, we can treat the perimeter of your home to help control their numbers.

It kills not only the mosquitoes but their larvae as well, which will reduce the mosquito population in certain areas. We offer mosquito control every 30 days. This will insure coverage all season long.

Parties or outdoor events would benefit greatly from this treatment. By treating the area around your next social gathering, you minimize the risk of mosquito bites for your guests. Despite mosquito bites being a yearly nuisance, we can help you minimize their risks and lower how often you have to deal with them.

Weed Control

Our technician’s attention to detail will spot and eliminate the hard to control weeds while working with our clients for a successful team win.  Protect your investment and allow your grass to thrive.

Fertilizing Service

Properly timed foliar and slow release granular applications based upon your grass type, ensuring the nutrients needed for a healthy lawn.  Partnered with weed control, our program will provide you the results you are looking for, a happy lawn.